The DNA of Disruption is a language few people speak.

The world has changed. Rule books ripped up. Systems dismantled.

System shocks and structural changes are transforming the way we live, work and relate. Rich with risk and opportunity, a new approach to leadership is required to navigate the new world.

Are you ready? Are your teams ready? Is your business ready?

Navigating new, complex environments requires an adaptive mindset, different ways of thinking and the necessary skills, capabilities and confidence to succeed in an ever-changing environment.

Change is happening now at an unprecedented pace and scale. From global disruption to local impacts, organisations are facing history’s most significant challenges. How they adapt will determine their future success.

Climate change, COVID-19, shifts in geopolitical power structures, technological disruption and more are buffeting your business, challenging your people and putting pressure on your operating models.

Can you come out the other side? Are you equipped to succeed? Are you one of the 5%?

In fact only 5%* of leaders have the ability to catalyse and lead transformational change.

Are you the new form of leader your business needs, equipped with the skills to succeed? Do you have the knowledge, expertise and confidence to lead through accelerating change, disruption and volatility?

Beyond EXcellence helps to foster the most critical attributes associated with leaders. We work with you to unpack complex challenges, design and redefine opportunity, understand impacts and implement action. We give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to be one of the 5% and prepare you to lead in the changed world.

As traditional approaches to leadership development leave many ill-equipped
in changing times, make sure that you, your people and your organisation are not disrupted for good.



The Blind Spot of Leadership

Rather than try to break through barriers, BEyond Excellence enables leaders to leapfrog real and perceived barriers and establish themselves as high impact leaders driving transformation and value.

The Blind Spot of Leadership

Rather than try to break through barriers, BEyond Excellence enables leaders to leapfrog real and perceived barriers and establish themselves as high impact leaders driving transformation and value.

Our Impact.

Success demands more than adjusting business models, cost-cutting and consolidation. It requires new ways of thinking and the ability to navigate increasing complexity, systems change and systems risk to create agile adaptable companies.

We have deep experience and skill in designing and implementing coaching, leadership development, and cultural change programs ranging from local to global initiatives.

Our experience has refined our understanding of the dynamics of change.
We know what is required to sustain success and realise a return on investment.

Will you join us on your leadership development journey?

What we do.

Executive Leadership Development

Accelerating the development of new leaders will be achieved through one-on-one coaching. We concentrate on identifying individual strengths, repetitive patterns, fears and passions and enable executives to add leadership skills to their technical Excellence, creating the leaders that modern, evolving businesses need to succeed.

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Team Transformation

We have created a program uniquely designed to shape a new generation of leaders through immersion in a dynamic learning experience and its practical application.

Structured over 6-10 months, the program will foster self-awareness, critical thinking skills and the capabilities required to develop and influence change within your sector. Participation will build shared understanding as precursors to greater trust, cohesion and alignment on team direction.

The content will be delivered through presentations, large and small group discussions and individual reflection. The curriculum is underpinned by leadership theories, models and frameworks, guest speakers, case studies and reading.

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Organisational Thinking

We create intellectual capital by enhancing the thinking capability of an organisation through systematic problem solving and decision-making strategies.

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High Impact Accelerator

Centred on fostering the leadership, collaboration and influence required to lift beyond the day-to-day pressure of individual roles, our high impact accelerator is a rare opportunity to bring people together and foster openness. Through a shared understanding of the team’s capabilities and work, we enable and catalyse meaningful innovation and change.

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A track record of success.

BEyond Excellence has worked with leading brands to develop tailored leadership and development programs to support transformative change.

Our track record is impressive but not as remarkable as the changes that program participants make to their careers, organisations, industries and communities.

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Who we are.

Our team of experts are leaders in organisational change, leadership development and personal and professional growth.

Drawn from leading thinkers and strategists, our team genuinely understand the needs of a client and work with them to create the tailored approach to corporate development that will lay the foundations for success and build a high achieving generation of leaders and thinkers.

We work with leading global brands from the Asia Pacific and household names from the top 20 ASX Listed Companies. We specialise across all sectors, including the private, not for profit, professional services, government, and tertiary education.

About Beyond Excellence.

Julie Birtles founded Beyond Excellence Pty Ltd to pioneer innovative approaches to leadership development and performance. She leads a team whose experience, depth and breadth enable the creation of unique solutions to clients’ needs, specifically designed for their circumstances and goals.

At the core of this work is a fascination with the:

  • – Underlying, and often unrecognised, internal and external systemic influences that shape individual and collective performance
  • – Critical nature of leadership in creating, shaping and optimising human, cultural, commercial and social value
  • – The structural adjustments shaping the wellbeing and sustainability of communities, companies and industries.

The collective impact of these influences is rarely considered in the design of change initiatives. Our work is underpinned by theories in adult learning, psychology, organisational and social change, entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as current thinking in cognition, how to create conditions for learning agility, leadership maturity and various individual and organisational diagnostic tools and models.

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